Museo dell'Ombrello e del Parasole

Via Golf Panorama,3 28836 Gignese (VB)
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Born from a project by Igino Ambrosini, son and brother of umbrella (1883-1955) founder of the Alpinia botanical gardens, the Museum settled in 1939 on the upper floor of the elementary schools. The exhibition is full of material and full of charm was testimony of love for your country and for your work.
In 1976 the Museum of umbrella and sunshade moved into the current building constructed thanks to the collaboration of the municipality and the Association "Amici del Museo" chaired by Xavier Guidetti, industrial (Needless to say) of the umbrella of Novara. The building, if you look from the top of the stairs of the parish church of San Maurizio is shaped by three open umbrellas. The current production, due to the architect Bazzoni, dates back to the mid 80 's, but a new project of the municipality of Gignese in collaboration with Regione Piemonte, the Ecomuseum Cusio Mottarone and umbrella association is about to be implemented.

In the Windows on the ground floor are exposed about 150 of inventoried parts 1500, especially Sun and Raincover that trace the evolution of fashion from 800 to date. Next to them the roofing materials, silk and synthetic fibers, ivory grips, wood, silver, the small parts that make the umbrella a practical, beautiful and elegant. Upstairs, the historical evidence on the use of Sun and rain cover, fashion models and examples of activities of umbrella: from photos of "pioneers" to a collection of tools, to barselle i.e. bags of leather or wood containing needed for repairs, objects related to the daily life of walking up to the invoices of the factories spread throughout Italy. Two large parasols, paintings by Felice Vellan, recount their cloves two lives of umbrella. Poor birth, apprenticeships, the first earnings away from home, the happy marriage, children, success and the return to the country where the former emigrant can invest its wealth for the common good and finally rest in peace in a large Tomb that ennobles the small cemetery.History naïf but a mirror of migration that brought the skill of umbrella of Vergante worldwide. A Panel also registers the tarusc, the jargon with which these craftsmen communicated with each other to defend themselves from the distrust of the population. The approximately 10,000 annual visitors explain the interest of an audience that half consists of foreigners and this interest is the drive to constantly improve the structures and with the collaboration of all those who believe that the future is built only rooted in the past.