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The history of the first umbrella is a story about poverty. The economy of Vergante even at the end of ' 700 forced emigration and looking for a job in the plains of Lombardy and Piedmont. In Turin, French Street came the discovery of a new possibility: the repair and construction of umbrellas. The apprentice, a boy of seven, eight years, new year's day, on the square in Carpugnino, was entrusted by their parents to the itinerant artisans, hoping they would learn a trade. "At the lungon in about 14 prumm, to the Casér without an truà bergnin". "The first of the year to Carpugnino, try master, without a penny," reads the inscription placed in the square in Carpugnino. Many made their fortune and many lived a life of separation from family, at night in barns, cold and hunger.

The landlord provided throughout the apprentice that shouting "Ombrele! ... Ombrelé! "learnt to repair and construct an umbrella. To return home at Christmas, as compensation, if the guy was willing and had proven adept, a pair of shoes and a silk umbrella glory and then again around The tarusc, common parlance by its homogeneity from the category, allowing quick communication and secret among vendors in front of the naive user could exchange news and comment in the certainty of not being understood. The jargon shows the ductility of the umbrella in the enrich dialect with sounds coming from the German, French, Spanish, but most importantly, the wit of men who often could boast only one year of school. For example, the lawyer is "denciòn" and the Cook is "brusapignat". In both terms there is mistrust for professions that are foreign to their mentality felt and, in the case of the advocate, even hostile.
The lawyer has long teeth in the wretched poor of substances that occur to him and the Cook, in the best of cases, burn the Cookware. After all, what good is a chef who eats a piece of bread and cheese, if there is? Some, however, made fortune in Milan, Turin, Venice, Locarno, Rome, Naples, Bari, New York, San Francisco, Sydney. Igino Ambrosini recalls ben 180 ombrellaie dynasties originating in Gignese and surrounding areas but, to tell the truth, you must also mention those of Cusio and Como Lake. it would be ungenerous to name just a few of the characters who have spread the ombrellaia art in the world: suffice it to say that the craft has become an industry, unfortunately threatened by cheap production of Eastern countries, but the most elegant, better finished, the most fashionable among the umbrellas are still and always Italian umbrellas.