The village of Gignese is situated 700 m above sea level on the slope that slopes down from the Mottarone Lago Maggiore. The village is situated between two rivers: the Grisana or 71.6 North and Annoys him or Erno South. Legend has it that the country format Genesio Dotti, genovese escaped from the 12th century, which would have landed at the mouth of the Erno with his wife and three daughters. Here his wife would die of starvation, and the remaining family would come up the River to the pass at the Agogna, spout by attaching the abode. Like any good story, it concludes with a happy ending: the marriage of three girls with three young baldi Habit and the birth of the country. The economy of the past was essentially linked to the raising of livestock, as the altitude and location do not allow sufficient cereal cultures. Other country's wealth were the Woods, then sacrificed to form new pastures and pastures just today returned to cover with their green roof the bumps become wild from ferns. The profound transformation wrought by tourism and the increased prosperity to it have almost cleared the resulting types of archaic peasant architecture, characterized by low construction with stone portals. Most common are the buildings dating back to the seventeenth eighteenth century.

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