After getting positive feedback from important cog railway of Vallombrosa, near Pontassieve (FI), which connected the town to Sant'Ellero Saltino (the latter was then connected to Vallombrosa by a short pedestrian street) and was built , between May and September 1892, designed by Ing Giuseppe Conte Telfener of November 1891, the Surveyor. Tadini was induced to draw up a project for a railway linking Stresa adherence mixed with the top of Mottarone. The final design was the company that still Alioth ricalcava almost entirely of the original surveyor. Tadini, so it was that July 12, 1911 was opened to the public service to the Railroad "Stresa - Mottarone" even if, immediately after opening, the "railroad" was reclassified as an interurban tramway. The route of the line, and about 10 km long meter gauge, was leaving from Stresa with a double-terminus: from Piazzale imbarcadero Lakes Navigation and the side of the railway station of the Railways. The two branches met, just after the village to continue their ascent to the goal with a double system (hence the name of the railroad, "to mixed grip"), with natural adherence and Strub rack type.
The power supply was DC to 750 volts. Along the line there were three stations (Alpine - Gignese - Levo) and two stops: the entire journey was made in 1 hour and 15 minutes. The rolling stock
Stresa was hospitalized and was composed of 5 trucks and towed 3 "in giardiniera", 4 wagons of service completed the fleet. The drive, in yellow livery, were built in Switzerland, their trucks were produced by the SLM the Winterthur company specializing in the construction of railroad equipment to fit artificial. The electromotive welcomed up to 110 people each, including seating and standing room. The service was based on three pairs of trains in six couples in low season and high. It was also the possibility of organizing races extraordinary request. The departure of the railroad was a bit 'slow due to the outbreak of the First World War, but after that, the operation managed to remain positive: so careful management is relatively local traffic both to the tourist. Surprisingly and paradoxically, things went well during the Second World War: in fact, did not sustain significant damage during the war, provided a convenient link to the Milanese refugees and displaced persons on the slopes of the mountain, we think that 1945 was the year reached a record than 100,000 tickets sold! With the arrival of the 50 and 60 began to hear those complaints cantilenanti, from all quarters, that the railroad was outdated, unproductive, and that a cable car or bus service could replace it. But with an aggravating circumstance: that the local rulers of the time would have had many examples from neighboring Switzerland on how to revive and operate a tourist railway. Unfortunately the story did not go otherwise, by other places, and so, in June 1963, was placed the word "end" the Railway "Stresa - Mottarone". The cars were scrapped or sold. Today, the service is held by a cable car, the station is also quite far from the center of Stresa: it takes 18 minutes from the center but must take a bus ride to get to the departure station.