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Giardino Alpinia

The giardino botanico Alpinia lies Stresa
Alpine slopes of Mottarone above the Western Shore of Lake Maggiore with opposite the Borromeo Gulf. The Garden covers an area of about 40,000 square metres and houses over 1000 botanical species from subalpine and Alpine, and from the Caucasus, from China and Japan.
Giardino Alpinia Giardino Alpinia Giardino Alpinia
The inauguration is one of the earliest examples of Alpine Botanical Garden in Italy and this immediately gives reputation, along with praise from naturalists and botanists. "I saw where Duxia was born, I saw many beautiful places in Europe and America, I declare that the belvedere of the Alpine is the most beautiful in the world. They told me that I exaggerate, deny the exaggeration.
Giardino Alpinia Giardino Alpinia Giardino Alpinia
The garden is located in a scenic area of rare value; offers a balcony with wide views over Lake Maggiore and the Borromeo Islands, in addition to a view on some peaks of the Val Grande National Park including the Lepontine Alps, Monte Disgrazia, Grigne and mount Legnone. Situated at 800 m, the garden can be reached quickly using the cableway Stresa-Alpine-Mottarone. Inside the garden there gushes a fountain, which was devoted to the naturalist Marco De Marchi founded the Idrobiologico Institute of Pallanza.
Giardino Alpinia Giardino Alpinia Giardino Alpinia
Some foundational purposes, in the words of Igino Ambrosini:
1 to prevent the most unusual locations were sold to private buildings, so as to take it out to the public, as had already happened in all the most beautiful panoramic places of Alpine;
2 Form a collection of plants constituting the subject of aesthetic enjoyment, made about the life of mountain plants and their use: with this were the source and means of education and harmony of taste for great masses of visitors;
3 Establish-together panoramic vision and the existence of an Alpine Garden a unique tourist attraction for Italians and foreigners.
Giardino Alpinia Giardino Alpinia Giardino Alpinia







Alpino di Stresa (VB) date established: 1934
extension: 40,000 sq m s.l.m-altitude: 800 m
opening to the public: from April to October (open daily-continued)
timetable: from 9.30 to 18.00